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Primary Spine Care 2 -

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12 CE Credits

Course Overview

CLINICAL:1. Subluxation/Biomechanical Failure Causes Permanent Damage if Not Fixed Age-Dating Herniated Discs
2. Disc Bulges from Trauma
3. Physiology of Ligament Trauma and why strain/strains are permanent
4. MRI Interpretation of Disc/Bone Pathology
5. Conclusive Testing for Concussion and MTBI

1.The Adjustment-Brain Connection
2. The Adjustment-Brain Connection in Pain Pathways
3. How the Adjustment Causes Brain Enzymes to Change
4. What Those Brain Enzyme Changes Do to Organ Function and Diseases
5. Chiropractic as a large Solution for the Opiate Epidemic

1. Lawyers: Colossus and well beyond teaching what lawyers need beyond a smartly-crafted report
2. Being the Solution for Medical Specialists Practices and Being Integral to their treatment protocols
3. Being the FIrst Referral Option for Every Medical Primary Care Provider
4. Control the triage for hospital emergency rooms…Real relationships, not the just the privilege to refer to them!
Then we will teach you how to become the 1st line of referrals from:

1. Medical Primary Care Providers
2. Medical Specialists

3. Lawyers
4. Urgent Care Centers
5. Emergency Rooms
6. Current Patients

Module 1: Introduction                                              

106 minute Webinar, 84 review slides, post-test

Module 2: Soft Tissue Pathology and MRI Findings                                

89 minute Webinar, 92 review slides, post-test

Module 3: Documentation of the Research in a Clinical Case        

92 minute Webinar, 94 review slides, post-test

Module 4: Neuroanatomy and Central Nervous System Pathways of Pain                                                  

120 minute Webinar, 104 review slides, post-test

Module 5: Scientific Evidence of the Chiropractic Adjustment and the Central Nervous System

66 minute Webinar, 45 review slides, post-test

Module 6: Utilzing Research in Interprofessional Collaboration                                  

120 minute Webinar, 110 review slides, post-test

Module 7: Utilizing Evidence in the Trauma Case

Module 8: Spinal Biomechanical Engineering and Compensation


  1. Mark Studin DC, FASBE(C), DAAPM, DAAMLP
  2. William J. Owens DC, DAAMLP

Instructor: The doctor's CV can be found by clicking on "Faculty" on the top toolbar.

 Fee $299

CV Citations

Primary Spine Care 2: Spinal Trauma Pathology, Morphology of healthy and traumatized connective tissue and the permanency implication of adhesions, spinal disc morphology in the healthy and pathological patient as sequella to trauma in relationship to bulges, herniations, protrusions, extrusions and sequestrations. Aberrant spinal biomechanics and negative sequella to trauma. Texas Chiropractic College, Academy of Chiropractic, Setauket NY, 2017

Primary Spine Care 2: Utilizing Research in Trauma, The ability of your electronic health records to convey tissue pathology while documenting case studies, field experiments, randomized trials and systematic literature reviews, Introducing evidence based macros in documentation to support the literature and necessity of care. Texas Chiropractic College, Academy of Chiropractic, Setauket NY, 2017

Primary Spine Care 2: Chiropracitc Evidence, Analyzing segmental pathology, adjusting vs. mobilization with cervicogenic headaches, Opioid alternatives and case management of mechanical spine pain based upon outcome studies. Texas Chiropractic College, Academy of Chiropractic, Setauket NY, 2017

Primary Spine Care 2: Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment Central Nervous System Processing, Literature reviews of mechanoreceptor, proprioceptor and nociceptor stimulation of later horn gray matter with periaqueductal stimulation affecting the thalamus and cortical regions with efferent distribution in disparate regions of the body in both pain and systemic stimulation. Texas Chiropractic College, Academy of Chiropractic, Setauket NY, 2017


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12 Months: $ 299



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