iStock_000011136374Small.jpgThe Academy is dedicated to working with professionals who strive to be the best-of-the-best through clinical excellence. We are dedicated to meeting the highest standards in post-doctoral education and offer courses that make a difference in the careers of those professionals who dedicate their time to do the same. Our goal is to bring faculty that offers education and experience in both teaching and "real life" application to support the success of each individual provider. Each faculty memberis also dedicated to being accessible in helping clinicians nationwide conclude an accurate diagnosis so that a prognosis and treatment plan can be formulated where no margin for error is acceptable. The Academy understands that this type of "team approach" is the cornerstone to quality healthcare rendering the best outcomes for any given condition in any profession.Academy is very proud of what we have created and welcomes any suggestions for future courses to help more people get well and stay well. Our commitment is to support your success in being the best-of-the-best.