The Primary Spine Care provider [PSC] is trained in diagnosing and managing all spinal-related conditions and focuses on mechanical spine pain. The PSC is also trained in basic and advanced imaging, electrodiagnostic interpretation, vascular diagnosis related to stroke, central motor, and sensory lesion diagnosis, and other co-morbidity analysis related to musculoskeletal conditions. The PSC provider does not typically treat fractures, tumors or infection, but is trained in diagnosing those comorbidities. These doctors are front-line clinicians triaging and collaborating with specialists as needed with the training to manage neuro-biomechanical non-anatomical pathology independently. This program offer the skill-sets required to be a Primary Spine Care provider.  

  1. Primary Spine Care 5  - 12 Hours
  2. Primary Spine Care 7  - 12 Hours
  3. Primary Spine Care 9  - 12 Hours
  4. Primary Spine Care 10 - 12 Hours
  5. Primary Spine Care 11 - 20 Hours
  6. Primary Spine Care 12 - 20 Hours

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Primary Spine Care Qualified Doctors 

Primary Spine Care Qualified Application  


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