Evaluation & Management Qualification


Patient intakes are the cornerstone of managing cases. All doctors have a significant amount of doctoral training on current history, past medical history, review of systems, family and social history, accident history, medication, and surgical history. There are unlimited variables; however, skill-sets can be created to narrow most diagnostic conclusions during the evaluation and management [E&M] encounter with the proper training. The management process could include diagnostic testing to conclude an accurate diagnosis or define one. Documenting the E&M encounter also requires a specific set of skills that is perfected over a doctor's career, and advanced training beyond doctoral training helps to advance those skills.  

  1. Evaluation & Management: 12 Hours - Documenting all elements of 99202/99212 to 99205-99215 $325
  2. Medical-Legal Documentation - Colossus Algorithms: 3 Hours - Complying with E&M coding in the medical-legal environment $200
  3. Orthopedic Testing: 9 Hours -Cervical, thoracic, lumbar and vascular insufficiency testing $299
  4. Stroke Anatomy & Evaluation for Chiropractors and Manual Medicine Specialists: 8 Hours - Stroke screening in clinical practice $325
  5. Diagnosis: 3 Hours - Determining mechanical spinal clinical diagnosis in trauma & non-trauma patients $99
  6. Documentation Made Easy: 3 Hours - Streamlining documentation without cutting corners $99

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Evaluation and Management Qualifying Application 


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