Expert Witness & Documentation Qualification


Managing cases in the medical-legal arena requires specific skill sets that begin with a level of clinical excellence related to traumatically induced pathologies. Here, you get to use your depth of knowledge in diagnostic imaging, electrodiagnostics, clinical evaluations, digitizing, and all other modalities available to you. Being an expert witness is about first documenting all findings accurately and then explaining what those findings mean in lay terms. Documentation must be complete and demonstrable, when applicable, as that is the cornerstone of the medical-legal arena. This program is engineered to guide you in creating demonstrable documentation and how to apply your clinical knowledge in the courtroom as an expert.  


  1. Testifying 1: Documentation and Ethical Medical-Legal Relationships: 20 Hours - E&M reporting, and medical-legal documentation $750
  2. Testifying 2: Forensic Documentation: 20 Hours - Demonstrative documenting bodily injury and functional losses $750
  3. Medical-Legal Documentation - Colossus Algorithms: 3 Hours - Complying with E&M coding in the medical-legal environment $200
  4. Testifying 3: Educating the Lawyer - 12 Hours -Identifying pathology and functional losses demonstratively $450
  5. Testifying 4: Ethical Relationships with Lawyers & Documentation Required for Lien & LOP Payments - 10 Hours Practice Management and documentation for collections $500

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Expert Witness & Documentation Qualifying Application