Hospital Qualification


Having a professional relationship with a hospital carries responsibilities beyond individual patient care. It requires additional skill-sets that include knowledge of hospital systems and the parties responsible for managing a successful organization in a safe “patient-centered” environment. Understanding the roles of the various department heads and administrators is critical in succeeding in the hospital system. A teaching hospital also has additional layers of oversight vs. a community hospital with more regulations and responsibilities. Each hospital has a Chief Operating Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Department Chairman, with more roles in each department. Clinically, a doctor who chooses to work in a hospital environment will have to potentially collaborate with numerous specialists and needs to be versed in all specialties that vertically integrate with bio-neuro-muscular pathology.  

Course Requirements

  1. *Inter-professional-Based Spine Care: 2 Hours - Hospital infrastructure and collaboration with specialists in hospitals $125
  2. MRI Spine Credentialing: 25 Hours - Start interpreting MRI spine images $1000 
  3. Triage Trauma Patients [Personal Injury Bootcamp]: 9 Hours - Overview of Triage and Common Injuries $499
  4. Spinal Biomechanical Engineering: 16 Hours - Diagnose & create treatment plans for biomechanical pathology $495 
  5. Spinal Trauma Pathology: 9 Hours - Managing the spinal trauma case $325
  6. Spinal Disc and Ligament Neurology and Pathology: 7 Hours - Connective tissue physiology and pathology $299
  7. Concussion; TBI-mTBI-PTSD Testing and Diagnosis: 10 Hours - Differential diagnosing mTBI vs TBI in clinical practice $325 
  8. Stroke Anatomy & Evaluation for Chiropractors and Manual Medicine Specialists: 8 Hours - Stroke screening in clinical practice $325
  9. Primary Spine Care 12: 20 Hours - Patient triage, connective tissue pathology management and diagnosing $399

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If you are already Trauma Qualified, you only need the "*" course

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